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Group Discount info

$50 Discount off the total Rent per cabin if your group has six (6) or more cabins booked when the final payment is due - 21 days before arrival. The discount will be deducted from the final payment amount.

How to Book Your Group:
Once you are sure of your dates, book cabins online using the form below. Please enter your group name in the Comments / Questions field so that we can keep track of how many cabins your group has. A 30% deposit is required for each cabin at the time of booking. Cabins can be booked individually by each group guest. Or a group leader can book any number of cabins and change the names and final payment methods after assigning cabins to individual guests. Contact Double Play Cabins with the new info as soon as possible.

Rental Policies:

Group bookings are subject to Double Play Cabins' usual Rental Policies (Click here). We understand that a booked group guest might have to cancel unexpectedly. To avoid the cancellation fee, a booking can be transferred to another group member. For example:

Ms. Smith booked a cabin but will no longer make the trip. She can transfer her booking to Ms. Jones, who will reimburse the deposit directly to Ms. Smith. After they both notify us, Ms. Jones will be the booked guest and make the final payment to Double Play Cabins. Neither will incur the cancellation fee.

Group Gatherings:

Many guests have had on-site team parties, wedding festivities and family reunions over the years and we hope your group will enjoy all that Double Play Cabins has to offer! Your group can have a well-supervised gathering. Please let us know your planned day and time.


More Info:

If you have questions about cabins, pricing, amenities, etc. please see details at Rental Units and Photos and Hospitality. Or Contact Us via message or phone. We look forward to your group staying and playing at Double Play Cabins!

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for Summer 2024 Book the 6 nights of Baseball tournament dates
Quoted Pricing does not reflect the Group Discount

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